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The proven hybrid green roof system.


Timbuk Farms is a LiveRoof Licensed Grower, a regional horticultural expert overseeing the design, sale, and growing of the region’s LiveRoof projects. LiveRoof is the first prevegetated modular green roof system developed by growers and specifically designed to grow plants on a rooftop environment.

LiveRoof® system advantages:

  • Instant green roof –arrives to the job site with full-grown plants.
  • Invisible Modules - modules are subterranean for an instantly mature monolithic green roof.
  • Saves money – minimal maintenance compared to other methods.
  • Immediate benefits – mature plants generate instant evaporative cooling effect, maximum storm water detention, and optimal aesthetics. No need to wait years for all the benefits of a green roof.
  • Easy to handle – needs only one person to carry.


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LiveRoof® is a registered trademark of LiveRoof Hybrid Green Roofs


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Natural Beauty
LiveRoof is subterranean allowing for a naturally beautiful meadow-like aesthetic.

Natural Function
LiveRoof's "soil elevation" design and moisture portals unite soil across the entire green roof strata for healthy plants.

Get Detail Drawings
LiveRoof offers detail drawings for each component of the LiveRoof system. Find exactly what you need for your project.

Get a Spec in Minutes
Our spec writer will allow you to generate a spec in less than five minutes.

Contact Your Local LiveRoof Professional
The LiveRoof system is backed by a team of professionals. Your local LiveRoof representative is available to assist with your project from concept to completion.

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